Adult Canvas Party

$25.00 (reservation fee)

Embrace your inner artist and paint your heart out!

Do you want an instrctor-led party or choose-your-own? *

For instructor-led you will choose the design now. For Choose-your-own, your guests will decide their own painting.

What’s the occasion? *

Let us know who or why you are celebrating!

Number of guests. *

Let us know how many people are coming.

Your booking today is non-refundable. Once you book we’ll send you a private sign-up link for you and your guests so they can pay their own way and make their project selection.

Also, if you have someone that just wants to paint pottery in the group, thats fine too. They can sign up and join in.

What type of party would you like?

Would you like everyone to paint canvas or would you like to give your guest the option to choose between pottery or canvas?


Let's get creative with a Canvas Painting Party!
Here's what's included:

  • There is a minimum of 8 guests
  • It is $40 per painter
  • You will get to choose whether all of your guests paint canvas (artist instructed,  everyone paints the same image or "choose your own" where each guest picks the design they want to paint),  or a Walk in style party, where everyone can choose between pottery or canvas.
  • All the necessary supplies, brushes, aprons and kid-friendly paints are included.
  • You are welcome to bring in any store bought food and drink.
  • Up to 2.5 hours of party time.

Once booked online your date and time are reserved.   Your deposit is non-refundable but transferable.  If you have a schedule conflict after booking you can move your party date to an available free time two weeks prior to your booking date.  Reminder, for everything food and drink related you are responsible including all paper goods & plasticware.

1. Can I decorate the party room?
Yes, you are welcome to bring in decorations but know that the room is very colorful so totally not necessary!

2. Does this paint stain?
The fired paint does not stain! The acrylic paint (the one you take home the same day) does!

3. Is it common to tip my party host?
Tipping is greatly appreciated! Our instructors will work hard at your party to help deliver a truly fun experience. "How much...” you ask? I am a believer if you feel like you were helped well, then tip what you feel is fair. If you weren't totally impressed with the care and help that you were given, then don't tip! While this is not required, we hope you will find that your party host(s) will work harder for you than the average waiter or waitress at a restaurant. Again, they will truly appreciate it!

Confirming your guest count - The Guest of Honor is also included in your guest count. We will confirm your final guest count with you 48 hours in advance of your party. This is in order to have the proper supplies ready for you. We will make several attempts to reach you. If we are unable to reach you we will plan your party around the original guest count you provide at time of booking and you will be charged accordingly.

Adding on guests - Each additional guest attending will be an additional charge depending on which party you have chosen. This will cover their participation in the party. You can add guests the same day of the party, and we will do our very best to accommodate them without a hitch. If possible, please confirm your additional headcount in advance.

No-shows - If your party falls short of the minimum painters for your party, you will still be charged the "party price". If you were expecting over the minimum painters and they don't come, you will not be charged the extra painter fees.

Parents and other non-participating guests - Space is limited in the party room! Please communicate to parents of your participating guests that this is a drop-off event. We have limited capacity for extra parents. You are welcome to have one or two parents assist you with your party but we find parties work best for you and us, when the guests' parents leave.

Hey there! - By booking this party you agree to our general terms & conditions at checkout and to the details provided on this page. Parties have a set price for up to the first eight guests, each additional guest has an extra charge. You can move your party once 14 days prior to your original date without penalty. Your deposit will automatically be applied to the remaining party balance which is due at the end of your party.

Last-minute cancel/rescheduling - We do plan, staff and work in advance to prepare for your scheduled party. If you have to cancel your party less than 2 weeks notice you will forfeit your deposit. If you are wanting to reschedule your party we are happy to do that but will require an additional $25 deposit.